Xcel Feeds

Alfalfa Pellets
All Purpose Poultry Barnyard Buffet 50/80lb
Beet Pulp 50/80lb
Chick Starter (medicated)
Chris’ Dairy Pellet
Dry Cob
Wet Cob 50/80lb
Cracked Corn 50/80lb
Dairy 16% (special order only)
Duck & Goose
Flax Seed
Gamebird Pellet & Crumble
Goat 96 Grit
Hog Ration (grower/finisher) 50/80lb
Layer Complete Pellet and Crumble 50/80lb
Mare & Foal
Oyster Shells
Pig Builder
Rabbit 16% 50/80lb
Rabbit 18%
Rice Bran
Rolled Barley (special order only)
Rolled Corn Rolled Oats
Shirley Sheep
2 Way Scratch 50/80lb
Senior Horse
Tammy’s Mix (horse pellets) 50/80lb
Turkey (medicated)
Wheat Bran
Whole Barley
Whole Corn
Whole Oats
Whole Wheat
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