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Scratch and Peck Feeds

At Drive Thru Feed On The Key we now carry premium Scratch and Peck Feed products. We are all about giving you the best bang for your buck and providing quality, everyday feeds for your livestock.

Scratch and Peck Feeds has a complete line of Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified feeds, as well as treats and supplements for poultry. You can also learn how to ferment our feeds and sprout our whole grains for optimal nutrition for your flock.


What We Have In Stock

(Earth’s First/sweetlix/+more)

Alfalfa, Orchard, Timothy and Straw bales(bulk pricing available for Alfalfa, Orchard and Timothy)Diatomaceous EarthGoat TreatsHorse Treats (apple or carrot flavor)Lime
MealwormsOne Bite Rat PoisonSalt Blocks with & without Selenium 50lbSalt Blocks 4lbSand ClearEarth’s First Poultry Feed – Layer Pellet
Gem White/Cedar ShavingsChopped Straw Bedding – available 18 JulyOlympus Wood Stove Pellets (bulk pricing available)Wild Bird SeedZonk ItSweetlix – Meat Maker
Alfalfa Pellets
All Purpose Poultry Barnyard Buffet 50/80lb
Beet Pulp 50/80lb
Chick Starter (medicated)
Chris’ Dairy Pellet
Dry Cob
Wet Cob 50/80lb
Cracked Corn 50/80lb
Dairy 16% (special order only)
Duck & Goose
Flax Seed
Gamebird Pellet & Crumble
Goat 96 Grit
Hog Ration (grower/finisher) 50/80lb
Layer Complete Pellet and Crumble 50/80lb
Mare & Foal
Oyster Shells
Pig Builder
Rabbit 16% 50/80lb
Rabbit 18%
Rice Bran
Rolled Barley (special order only)
Rolled Corn Rolled Oats
Shirley Sheep
2 Way Scratch 50/80lb
Senior Horse
Tammy’s Mix (horse pellets) 50/80lb
Turkey (medicated)
Wheat Bran
Whole Barley
Whole Corn
Whole Oats
Whole Wheat
Chick GritLayer GritChick Feeder/Water JarChick Feeder BaseOrchard Grass Pellets
Cluckin Good Grubs 20ozCluckin Good Herbs 10ozChick Waterer BasePoultry Feeder #7Timothy Pellets
Naturally Free Layer 40lbNaturally Free 3-Grain ScratchPoultry Waterer 5qt.Poultry Watering NipplesSpecial Blend Horse Feed
Naturally Free Starter   Horse Treats 20lb.


Scratch and Peck Feeds
Chick Grit
Layer Grit 7lb
Cluckin Good Grubs 20oz
Cluckin Good Herbs 10oz
Naturally Free Layer 40lb
Naturally Free 3-Grain Scratch 40lb
Naturally Free Starter 40lb

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