Alfalfa PelletsAll Purpose Poultry Barnyard Buffet 50/80lbBeet Pulp 50/80lbChick Starter (medicated)Chris’ Dairy PelletDry CobWet Cob 50/80lbCracked Corn 50/80lbDairy 16% (special order only)Duck & GooseFlax SeedGamebird Pellet & Crumble Goat 96 GritHog Ration (grower/finisher) 50/80lbLayer Complete Pellet and Crumble 50/80lbMare & FoalMountaineerOyster ShellsPeasPig BuilderRabbit 16% 50/80lbRabbit 18%Rice BranRolled Barley (special order only) Rolled Corn Rolled OatsShirley …

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Scratch and Peck Feeds Chick Grit Layer Grit 7lb Cluckin Good Grubs 20oz Cluckin Good Herbs 10oz Naturally Free Layer 40lb Naturally Free 3-Grain Scratch 40lb Naturally Free Starter 40lb

Orchard Grass Pellets Timothy Pellets Special Blend Horse Feed Horse Treats 20lb

Layer Pellet

Alfalfa, Orchard, Timothy and Straw bales (bulk pricing available for Alfalfa, Orchard and Timothy) Diatomaceous Earth Goat Treats Horse Treats (apple or carrot flavor) Lime Mealworms One Bite Rat Poison Salt Blocks with & without Selenium 50lb Salt Blocks 4lb Sand Clear Gem White/Cedar Shavings Chopped Straw Bedding – available 18 July Olympus Wood Stove …

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Meat Maker

Chick Feeder/Waterer Jar Chick Feeder Base Chick Waterer Base Poultry Feeder 7# – available 18 July Poultry Waterer 5qt – available 18 July Poultry Watering Nipples

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